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Coil Staffing offers full services in Direct Hire, Temp to Hire, and Temporary Placement

Solutions For Job Seekers

Looking for Employment?
You deserve a chance to find a great job. To work on your terms. To better your situation. To be appreciated. To be a provider. Now, maybe you've tried staffing agencies before. But this is different. We have thousands of jobs across the country. And you just need one good one.

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Career Services

Looking for Career Help?
Our agency has an extensive collection of resources to aid all levels of job seekers looking to make a career change or find a suitable job within their current career path. From resume writing to interview training, we will be here for you every step of the process.

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Solutions For Employers

Need to hire a top performer?
While many agencies rely solely on their brand name to secure a client, we recognize the importance of a relationship-based approach. As an extension of your hiring team, we learn about your company culture and business objectives, which allows us to better target our recruiting efforts to match the needs of your organization. The result? A pool of highly qualified talent from which to choose, translating into a hire that makes sense for your business.

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Why use a Recruitment Agency?

The services of good recruitment agencies can save businesses time and money, as well as ensure that job hunters find the right position as quickly as possible. However, recruitment agencies do much more than simply match candidates to vacancies. Most agencies focus their efforts on a small number of industries and specific geographic areas to develop genuine expertise in their market. Both employers and people looking for new jobs can expect the consultant they deal with to offer accurate salary advice and have the right contacts in the sector.

There are many benefits to candidates to deal with recruitment consultants, including saving time and having someone to negotiate their salary package. Agencies also usually have a selection of unadvertised vacancies that job hunters can gain access to when they register. Time is a major motivation for companies to use recruitment agencies, as a consultant will only put forward shortlists of staff with the right skills and experience. As agencies have relationships with a wide range of candidates, including some they have worked with for several years, they can also make sure interviewees are a good cultural fit for the organization. When working on permanent jobs, agencies usually only charge if they fill the vacancy, so this is a low-risk way to recruit workers. Employment agencies are also an effective way to fill temporary positions, by not only supplying experienced, reference-checked staff with the right skills, but can also take care of all payroll issues, including holiday pay.

In short, using a recruitment agency is the right choice for businesses that need to find the best staff and job seekers who want to secure their ideal position in the shortest possible time. Check us out for yourself.


Managing Expectations

When people ask what we do for a living, our response is, “We manage people’s expectations.” That could not be truer, and what separates us from our competition? Our ability to effectively manage both client and candidate expectations so that there are no surprises, which ultimately results in a successful placement.

Always Aiming to Exceed Client Expectations

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