Career Services

Employee & Employer Staffing Services

Coil Staffing offers full services in Direct Hire, Temp to Hire, and Temporary Placement.

Candidate Search

We will conduct an in-depth, detailed, and vetted search process to select the best candidates for your job opening. We utilize a combination of a referral network, as well as targeted recruiting through search engines such as LinkedIn. Then, our staff conducts interviews with each candidate to determine a fit for culture, motivation, and skill set match.

Candidate Presentations

We have a process that results in an amazing success rate. We present the best four to five candidates for your position and schedule them for back-to-back interviews with your hiring authority, for an immediate compare review. This allows you to quickly select your top candidates for final interviews. Another benefit to this process? Our team understands your open position is a priority and therefore performs our best targeted recruiting efforts in the shortest amount of time.

Managing Expectations

When people ask what we do for a living, our response is, “We manage people’s expectations.” That could not be truer, and what separates us from our competition… our ability to effectively manage both client and candidate expectations so that there are no surprises, which ultimately results in a successful placement.